May 3, 2017


A draft started in Dec 2006...
How is it possible?

Today is the shortest day of the year and it is also the official start of winter around these parts. I was going to say each year is a bit of a roller coaster ride but a roller coaster ride is fun and I really don’t like this part of the year. I’m just not a big one for the cold weather and I find my distaste for it only grows with each passing year.

The other thing is I love the summer and I relish the longer days...
Here we are 11 years later and if anything I only feel this way about the seasons even more acutely than I once did. The good thing though is Daylight Savings Time now ends later and starts earlier which is a solace of sorts.

I like getting up when it's dark in the morning, there is a peacefulness that hangs over the world at that time, an expectant promise of a new day ahead. When it gets dark early it only makes you notice how short days are or if you are at work how long they are because you feel as if you are working into the night.

Cold weather too... ugh. But, we are now in May which is really perhaps my favorite month. The winter has been well and truly cast off and the idyllic and warm days of summer lie ahead.

Make me think one day soon it will be time to relocate to warmer climes.

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